How the Aromatherapy Database works


Once logged in to your account the initial search screen is displayed. A search can be made in the title, author, publication, year or abstract fields or you may search all fields at once. Any word or phrase may be used, specifying the exact phrase, all the search words or just one of the words. Previously found relevant articles can be accessed quickly by inputting their record number.

In an example below, we have searched for peppermint in the title field. The first 7 records of 92 matching the search criteria are shown here. Only the title and authors are displayed for ease of use. The other titles can be viewed by scrolling down and clicking the page numbers (not shown).

By clicking on the title hyperlink you are taken to the full bibliographic reference and abstract. We chose the sixth entry.

The 'Export to PDF' link allows you to print the full bibliographic entry. If after reading the abstract you need to know more detail or require clarification, simply click on the 'Ask a question' link; this will take you to an email page where you can input your queries and send them directly to us. We will read the full paper and provide the answers.

In the abstract above, menthol is underlined. This indicates a hyperlink that reveals more informaton about the chemical component in the form of a pop-up box, which can be printed if required (see below).